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Outdoor rinks and cross-country ski trails

The City of Beaconsfield has many outdoor skating rinks and cross-country ski trails.

Outdoor rink reservation

Outdoor rinks are available to reserve for schools or sports associatons.

Reservation request form

Outdoor skating rinks

Information on the outdoor rinks

The opening of outdoor rinks is dependent on the mood of Mother Nature. Temperature, wind and the amount and type of precipitation are all factors that can affect ice making. It is necessary that:

  •  The temperature is below -10°C for three consecutive days
  • The ground is frozen or at least snow covered
  • The temperature on the days following the precipitation remains below the freezing point
  • Sunshine and rain are scarce

 Ice conditions on rinks may vary due to temperature changes. Moreover, maintenance services may be modified due to staff availability. Rinks may be temporarily closed without notice for maintenance work.

We remind you that the use of the outdoor rinks is at your own risk.

Team Sports Activities on Ice

The Law requires any person participating in an ice hockey activity to wear the following protective equipment: Full face mask, neck guard and helmet.

All outdoor rinks are lit in the evening (on-demand light system).

Outdoor rinks schedule

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Download the schedule

Cross-country ski trails

Cross-country skiiing

The City offers cross-country skiing enthusiasts trails in the following parks:

  • Angell Woods
  • Centennial
  • City Lane
  • Christmas

The opening of the trails depends on the weather conditions and the amount of snow on the ground. In order to open the trails, the snow accumulation on the ground must be at least 20-25 cm in order to carry out the trail-grooming operations.