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Owning a dog comes with responsibilities

Your dog is certainly an excellent companion but also comes with great responsibilities. Guardians must not only take care of their pets’ daily needs, but also be good neighbours in their community and respect the rights of others. 

When you walk your dog, keep it on a leash at all times and do not forget to pick up its droppings in a "poop and scoop' bag. Your neighbours will surely appreciate it! 

Anyone who refuses to conform to By-law BEAC-099 will be fined a minimum of $100. Certain infractions such as allowing dogs off-leash have a minimum fine of $500 

Dog on leash: The leash used to control a dog in a public area must not exceed one meter eighty-five (1.85 meters) or six (6) feet, including the handle. The collar must be made of leather, or flat braided nylon with soldered ring, or a halter on which to attach the leash. A dog of 20 kg and more must also wear, at all times, a halter or a harness attached to its leash. 

A license for your doggie – a must! 

To identify the dogs living in Beaconsfield and to facilitate the return to the guardian in case of loss, dogs must wear a license tag, available at City Hall, at all times. This license is valid for two years, from July 1 to June 30, at a cost for $48. The guardian must provide a certificate attesting that the dog in question has been examined and is adequately immunized. With proof that your pet has been spayed or neutered, the fee is reduced to $24 for two years. There is a charge of $5 to replace a lost tag. 

An unexpected departure

A reimbursement of 50% of the cost of the license can be given if a dog dies or if a guardian moves away from the City of Beaconsfield within the first twelve months of obtaining a license, upon presentation of a document attesting the death or a document providing the new address. 

If you have questions about registering your dog or updating your file, write

Dog run

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A 155,000 square foot fenced dog run

To allow your dog to get rid of some of his pent-up energy, the dog run includes a section for small dogs (height less than 35 cm) and one for large dogs where they can run freely and socialize with other pets. Note that the dog's guardian must be with their animal inside the park and never leave without him. 

The rules and regulations that must be followed inside the park are posted at the entrance to the dog run. Among them, dogs need to be healthy and have been vaccinated against rabies. Dogs who frequent the site must wear a valid license, be obedient, sociable and not trained for attack and protection. 

The Beaconsfield dog park association: to help promote a friendly atmosphere 


Dog park users are strongly encouraged to join the Association via the group’s Facebook page “Beaconsfield Dog Park Association”. This page helps users to stay connected with what’s happening in the park, special events, etc. The Association also has a committee which is made up of Beaconsfield residents and dog park members who help promote the park and organize dog-related events that complement the park’s mission. 

The dog run is situated on Elm Street, just west of the Woodland exit. Opening hours are from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., 7 days a week.