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The snow from your driveway must be kept on your property and not ploughed onto the street. Accumulating the snow along the sides, rather than at the end of your driveway, will help to eliminate high banks and improve the visibility required to exit safely. 

Please inform your snow removal contractor that it is prohibited to dump or throw snow upon any streets, sidewalks, fire hydrants, public places or private properties, according to the requirements of the Nuisance By-law BEAC-033. Those who contravene these provisions are liable to fines of $100 minimum.  

To keep our roads safe, while minimizing the impact on the environment, the policy is to: 

  • Maintain bare pavement on major arteries. 

  • Use melting agents (salt) on roads with significant inclines to keep surfaces bare. 

  • Leave a snow base on streets with light traffic, using abrasives when required. 

Consult the snow removal By-law

Snowed-In Driveway

City snow ploughing operations entail moving snow from the street onto the sidewalk or curb in order to allow traffic to flow safely. This operation leaves accumulated snow in driveway entrances. Each resident is responsible for removing this snow from his own driveway. If you have a contractor, ask him to contact the Public Works Department so he can coordinate his activity with City operations. 

Instructions for Snow Removal and Collections  

To ensure that garbage and recycling collections go well, please do not place bins on the sidewalk or on the street, especially during a snow storm. This will prevent them from being damaged by the snow plow during snow removal on streets and sidewalks. 

To be picked up, the bins must remain accessible to waste and recycling collection trucks. Make sure they are not placed on a snow bank. When there is a snowfall warning for the evening or overnight, we recommend that you place the rolling bins on the edge of your property or in the driveway beginning only in the morning of the collection. 

On-street parking during a snowfall 

We want to remind you that it is forbidden to park a vehicle on a public street or space during any snowfall of 2.5 cm or more, or within six hours after the end of such a snowfall. Vehicles interfering with snow removal operations will be towed away at the owners’ expense with a fine. 

Please consult the Traffic By-law for more details.


Snow removal alerts

Want to be notified when snow removal operations are underway? Perhaps you want to be able to signal when a street light is out, or a new pothole has appeared? Do all this and more in the bciti+ app!

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