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Advisory committees

Environmental Advisory Committee

Chaired by Councillor Roger Moss, the Environmental Advisory Committee advises the municipal Council on strategies, policies, programs and by-laws which would have an impact on any aspect of our built and natural environments, in order that we may improve the quality of our lives and the lives of future generations. This committee will research, educate, liaison, initiate and promote and engage the community on issues which relate to sustainability.

Traffic Advisory Committee

Chaired by Councillor Martin St-Jean, the Traffic Advisory Committee's mandate is to ensure traffic safety for citizens, regardless of mode of transport, while respecting the regulations set out by the Quebec Department of Transport, through integrating standardized Traffic Calming policies used throughout North America and adapting best practices.

To address a request to the committee, you can write to

Planning Advisory Committee

Chaired by Councillor David Newell, the Planning Advisory Committee's mandate is to study and submit recommendations to the municipal Council on any questions regarding planning, zoning, subdivision and building, as well as opinions on any comprehensive development program, on any plans concerning site planning, integration and architecture of constructions or the development of the land and related work and on any request for a minor exemption.

Culture and Leisure Advisory Committee

Chaired by Councillor Dominique Godin, the Culture and Leisure Advisory Committee is an advisory body which informs Beaconsfield Council on goals, strategies, and new initiatives related to all culture and leisure services and community events. Its mandate is to study and submit recommendations to Council on matters related to the provision and delivery of culture and leisure opportunities and services; the implementation of the Parks Master Plan; and requests for financial assistance. The Committee’s purpose is to provide an objective view in the public interest and to give impartial and informed advice.

Finance Committee

Chaired by Councillor Robert Mercuri, the Finance Committee examines and reviews Beaconsfield's ongoing revenues and expenditures in order to assure the sound and responsible fiscal management of the municipality. It also oversees and evaluates the management practices and policies of the administration.

Age-Friendly Municipality Steering Committee

Chaired by Councillor Peggy Alexopoulos, the Age-Friendly Municipality Steering Committee's mandate is to develop a Senior Friendly Policy and Action Plan favouring the healthy, active aging of seniors in our community.

Decisional committees

Demolition Committee

Chaired by Councillor Martin St-Jean, the Demolition Committee's function is to study and authorize applications for demolition. Before deciding an application for authorization to demolish, the committee must consider the condition of the immovable that is the subject of the application, the deterioration of the architectural appearance or aesthetic character of the neighbourhood or of the quality of life in the neighbourhood, the cost of restoration, the intended use of the vacated land and another other pertinent criterion.

Committee minutes