Your Council

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City Council is composed of a mayor and six (6) councillors. Beaconsfield is divided into six (6) electoral districts. Each district is represented by a councillor elected by voters from the district. The mayor is elected by all voters in the City. 

Telephone: 514 428-4410



Who is my City Councillor?

Beaconsfield City Council consists of a mayor representing the city as a whole and six councillors, each representing a district. To know who your councillor is, consult this map of our electoral districts. Please consult the detailed map of electoral districts (PDF).

District Name Phone
  Georges Bourelle, Mayor 514 428-4410
District 1 Dominique Godin 514 591-0055
District 2 Karen Messier 514 428-0883
District 3 Robert Mercuri 514 400-7379
District 4 David Newell 514 835-3659
District 5 Roger Moss 514 426-2144
District 6 Al Gardner 514 258-1618