Taxpayers have the following payment options available:

  • By phone or internet via your financial institution's services
  • At your financial institution
  • By mail (cheque payable to the City of Beaconsfield)
  • At City Hall (cash, cheque or Interac)

To make payments, please use the stubs attached to your tax bill. Each one shows the amount payable and the due date. Please note that there will be no reminder for the second installment. If you have already sent a postdated cheque for the second installment, there is no need for any further action. Your cheque will be processed on the appropriate date. Tax arrears bear interest and penalties at rates indicated on your tax bill.


Installment 1: February 24, 2020

Installment 2: June 29, 2020 (60%)

Installment 3: August 31, 2020 (40%)

For on-line payments, please identify your account with the 18 digit Matricule/Registration number found at the top right of your invoice.

Further information is available at the reception counter at City Hall in person or by calling 514 428-4400.


COVID-19: New instalment dates June 29 and August 31

Deferral and staggering of municipal tax payments

In order to help citizens face the economic challenges linked to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, Mayor Georges Bourelle announced that the May 25 tax instalment is postponed to June 29 for 60% of the amount - the Agglomeration of Montreal’s share - and a second instalment on August 31 for the portion of Beaconsfield’s services (40%).

All residents will receive a new account statement by mail in May in order to benefit from the new payment terms for the tax bill.

Post-dated cheques

After analyzing the technological issues, our approach to the 600 residents who presented a post-dated cheque to the City will simply be to return their cheques with a new account statement by mail in May.

For example:

If the second instalment was initially $2,000 (May 25), the new payments would  be as follows:

  • Second instalment for June 29: $1,200 (60% of $2,000)
  • Third instalment for August 31: $800 (40% of $2,000)