Flushing of the water network is scheduled from mid-April to mid-June. This may temporarily alter the appearance of your running water. If your water is dirty or discoloured (reddish or yellow), let your cold water run for approximately 10 to 15 minutes, after which time it should return to normal. If it does not, please contact Public Works at 514 428-4500. A notice is generally mailed before work is started.

Water shut-down to make repairs

If the City should need to shut off the water supply to make repairs to the system in your area, you will hear a first warning signal approximately 15 to 20 minutes beforehand, in order to allow you to make provision for water during the repairs. The warning signal will be repeated a second time when the water has been turned off.

In most circumstances, service will be interrupted for a period of three to five hours. Once service is restored, if your water is discoloured with a yellowish or reddish tinge, allow it to run a few minutes until it is clear.