Beaconsfield a pied ou a velo

Beaconsfield, get walking, get biking!

Active mobility is instrumental in the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, which is at the heart of the principles of the City of Beaconsfield. This initiative demonstrates the City’s determination to contribute to the creation of favourable conditions for the health and quality of life of its residents.

Under the theme of Beaconsfield, get walking, get biking!, this new campaign aims at making citizens more aware of respectful and safe sharing of the road in order to promote active commuting such as walking and cycling. It also strives to encourage collective travel and to support neighbourhood shops by promoting local purchasing and enhancing community life.


I am ecomobile

Walking and cycling help improve air quality and reduce traffic noise. For your well-being and to help make your neighbourhood more dynamic, walk or pedal for short trips!

Committed to active mobility, the City has adopted an Active Mobility Plan in 2014. While the recommendations set out in this first Plan having been carried out, the City is now in the second generation of measures with the adoption of an enhanced version in 2020. This new Plan presents additional measures deemed necessary to pursue the objective of encouraging residents to make a healthy shift by integrating more active modes of transportation into their daily lives.

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The benefits of active mobility:

Increases the level of overall physical activity

Improves physical and mental health

Reduces the concentration of greenhouse gases

Is less expensive in terms of travel costs

Flashy summer caps for safe walks and rides

Brightly-coloured caps for children and adults are on sale for $8 (tax included). Get these items at the front desk of City Hall or the Recreation Centre and become an active mobility ambassador in Beaconsfield!

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