Angell Woods is one of the most important wooded areas on the island of Montreal. It also includes one of the island's most extensive wetlands. The threatened or endangered Angel Woods 3species to be found there include the maple-hickory and red ash. This rich natural environment is, for the most part, privately owned. In July 2010, the Council adopted a temporary regulation for the Angell Woods sector in order to enforce a period of reflection needed to guide the development, modification or revision of planning tools. This interim control ensures that planning efforts will not be rendered useless by projects that would jeopardize urban planning and development guidelines being defined. This regulation was also an opportunity to conduct studies of the area's fauna, flora and vehicular traffic.

This exceptional power allows the Council to maintain a freeze on planning and development for the Angell Woods sector for the time required to:

  • identify broad development guidelines for the principal uses and purpose of the woods;
  • determine the steps to be taken to implement the choices made

Following the recent municipal election, the Council has taken the time to set guidelines based on acquired knowledge and has succeeded in reaching a consensus in its decision to save the entire Angell Woods area. This section provides all relevant information available on this exceptional natural environment.

For more information, please contact the Urban Planning Department at 514 428-4430 or email to info-boisangellwoods@beaconsfield.ca

 Angel Woods 2

News Releases

January 30, 2015 - Montreal's Development Plan - Angell Woods is now permanently and officially protected as a regional park (PDF)

May 27, 2014: Essential to the environment - City of Beaconsfield calls on province to legislate wetlands protection (PDF)

April 29, 2014: Exceptional forest ecosystems in Angell Woods - City of Beaconsfield asks for official protection from Quebec government (PDF)

February 25, 2014: Mayor Georges Bourelle meets with Mayor Réal Ménard - First working session for the protection of Angell Woods (PDF)

February 9, 2014: City of Montréal purchases land for $1.9 million - A concrete move to protect Angell Woods (PDF)


Environmental Studies

Biofilia's expertise on Angell Woods (PDF)

Report from the Technical Advisory Committee of the Rivière à l'Orme ecoforest corridor (PDF)


RegulationsAngel Woods

By-Law BEAC-053 - Angell sector interim control by-law

By-Law BEAC-053-01 - By-law modifying interim control by-law BEAC-053



Extracts from April 2007 until May 2014 (PDF)

Support to the City of Montréal for the acquisition of properties in Angell Woods (PDF)

Recognition of exceptional forest ecosystems in Angell Woods (PDF)

Request for the protection of wetlands in Angell Woods (PDF)


Other documents related to Angell Woods

Traffic Study Sunrise Project (PDF)

Study by Biofilia - Sunrise vacant lot (PDF)


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