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About Beacon Hill Park

Beacon Hill Park is a neighbourhood park located in the northeast sector of the city with a busy annual program. The park site includes several sports fields, play structures, a winter sledding hill and a park chalet. The Beacon Hill Pool and Beacon Hill Elementary School are attached to the park.

Contextualization of the Project

In 2017, the City created the Parks and Green Spaces Master Plan that identified short, medium and long-term investment priorities based on current building conditions.

As a result of this analysis, the construction of a new chalet at Beacon Hill Park was identified as a priority project for short-term (0-5 years) action.

Plan For the New Chalet

Public consultation

When the project to build a new chalet at Beacon Hill Park was initiated, the City consulted with the associations that use the chalet and the park to determine their needs for community space.  The criteria for the call for tenders were developed as a result of this survey. An overview of the project and the call for tenders for professional services was then presented to the Culture and Leisure Committee.

Groups Consulted

  • Beacon Hill Community Association
  • Beacon Hill Pool
  • Lakeshore Baseball Association
  • Lakeshore Soccer Club
  • Girl Guides and Boy Scouts
  • Beaconsfield day camps

Discussed Topics

  • Accessibility
  • Meeting space
  • Activity space
  • Office space
  • Storage capacity
  • Kitchen space
  • Parking space

Value-Added Services of the New Chalet

The reconstruction of the chalet will provide enhanced services that will add value to the recreation and leisure offerings at Beacon Hill Park from a sustainable development perspective. Some of the services that will be enhanced include:

  • Universal accessibility
  • Varied use of the main room
  • Space available for different groups at the same time
  • Storage for community organizations
  • Kitchen space in the multipurpose room
  • Accessibility to outside bathrooms during operating hours
  • Up-to-date materials and technology (e.g., WiFi access)

Information Session

An information session on the construction of the chalet was presented to residents in August 2020. Preliminary plans were presented at that time. As a follow-up to this presentation, citizens were invited to submit their questions by email and the answers were posted on the city's website.  More than thirty residents shared their questions and opinions with us. Following the information session, modifications were made to the plans presented in order to respect the wishes of the residents and users.

Project Timeline

Spring 2023 > April 3 2023

Demolition of the existing chalet

Spring and summer 2023

Construction of the new chalet


End of construction

Frequently Asked Questions

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