A permanent collection point for the recovery of polystyrene items is available to Beaconsfield residents at the Public Works’ drop-off site.

This initiative is a collaboration between the City of Beaconsfield, the Canadian Plastics Industry Association and Polyform. Polystyrene is identified by a small triangle surrounding the digit 6. This symbol can be found on consumer product containers and protective rigid plastic or foam packaging, as well as food packaging. The process is simple: clean and bring the items to put them into a three-way container, specially designed to collect polystyrene at Public Works.

Examples of polystyrene or rigid foam products:

  • Protective packaging
  • Insulation panels
  • Cups for coffee and hot drinks
  • Trays for meats, fruits and vegetables
  • Clear dome and black bottom packaging for bakery products
  • CD and DVD cases