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A subsidy to plant trees on public property!

The City of Beaconsfield will once again take part in the Ensemble on Verdit residential greening campaign. 

With the expertise of the non-profit organization GRAME, we are making the purchasing and planting process easier than ever by offering a competitively priced turnkey service which includes:

  • A tree of your choice among the species available
  • Delivery and planting with mulch and nutrients
  • Tips for taking care of your tree
  • A one-year warranty

After selecting your tree location and species, all that’s left for you to do is care for your tree following the planting by GRAME.

Beaconsfield's climate action plan found that one of our principal vulnerabilities to climate change is the loss of our mature urban forest. The goal of this new subsidy is to help you take action in your own backyard to fight the effects of climate change. Your choice to plant trees will allow us to slow the thinning of the canopy, and to maintain its numerous benefits for our community.

Interested parties can select and buy their trees directly on the website

Order a tree

How it works

Step 1

Visit to choose and order your tree as of the end of April

Step 2

Receive confirmation of your order

Step 3

Get ready for GRAME’s visit

Step 4

Plant your tree (between May and October)

Step 5

Take care of your tree

Beaconsfield subsidy

The quality trees offered by GRAME have an appreciable caliper (the diameter of the tree’s trunk) of 25 mm at an unbeatable price for this all-inclusive service. In addition, the City of Beaconsfield offers citizens a subsidy according to the following formula:

New additional tree
75% of $285
Net cost for residents: $71.25 taxes included.
Replacement of an authorized tree felling
25% of $285
Net cost for residents: $213.75 taxes included

If you must fell a tree, place your tree order as soon as your felling request is approved.

Attention: Trees purchased in 2024 must be planted during the 2024 season. Please ensure that you have the necessary information to complete the process quickly after your purchase. 

Frequently asked questions

Where can I order my tree? 

Tree ordering and planting is done entirely through GRAME. Trees are not ordered through the City. To place your order and get more information, visit

What is the residential tree planting and replacement service on the territory?

Ensemble on verdit, a GRAME initiative, is a residential greening campaign that allows citizens to plant or replace a tree on their property, all at a competitive price! For more information, visit, or contact the GRAME at  

What if I can't make the planting day or want to change the date?

The City is not responsible for delivery or planting. If you have any questions about the delivery service, please contact the GRAME at or 438 505-8378

You do not need to be present for the planting of your tree, but you must have clearly identified the planting location with a stake or other object and ensure access to the planting site. Upon purchase, you will receive instructions on how to prepare for the GRAME planting.

What’s included in a purchase of an Ensemble on verdit tree?

  • The tree itself;
  • The planting material (soil, mulch, mycorrhiza);
  • A trunk protector for winter;
  • A planting service by GRAME’s professional planting team;
  • Customer service to answer all your questions through;
  • A one-year warranty on the health of your tree;
  • Maintenance tips for your tree.

What is not included:

  • In-depth advice on where to plant your tree on your property. You can contact GRAME at if you have specific questions on this subject.
  • A tree stake. The stake is not essential and is only recommended for windy areas. It can be purchased for an additional cost when you purchase your tree.

What can I do to ensure the planting process goes smoothly?

Free tree planting on public property

Do you want to contribute even more to increase our resilience to climate change at no cost to you? As part of the annual planting program on public property, the City is offering residents the opportunity to have a tree planted free of charge in front of their property, on the portion of land that belongs to the City.

There is no charge for this service, and all maintenance for these trees planted on public property will be provided by the City.

As quantities are limited, we urge you to send your request as soon as possible by email to

Following your request, a city inspector will go on site to provide you with a list of tree species adapted to your property, and to help you choose the best location for your tree. The City reserves the right to modify your choice according to space requirements or the availability of trees. Planting of these trees by the City will take place in the fall.

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