Useful ResourcesConsult the following documents covering a wide variety of topics relating to personal, family and community safety :


Useful ResourcesOur services also include prevention, safety and practical information on a wide variety of topics - background checks, cars, children, internet, theft, etc.

For more information, please consult these documents:

PDQ 1 offers the following main services to the residents of its territory:

  • Engraving
  • Verification of children's car seats
  • Presentations to school children (street gangs, drugs)
  • Safety visits and advice
  • Citizens' committees
  • Door-to-door visits (advice to citizens)
  • Conference room for organizations
  • Road safety meetings and presentations
  • Meeting and follow-up with road safety complainants
  • Bicycle safety
  • Parent-teen conciliation meetings
  • Identification booklets

For additional information, visit the following websites:



To report a problem with a wild animal, contact one of the following organisations:

McGill – Urban Nature Information Service ( U.N.I.S.)
Tel: 514 395-4555

Le Nichoir Wild bird rehabilitation center
Tel: 450 458-2809  

Bat problem?
Consult this link for useful information.

Injured squirrels or nest in the attic?