Public Works Drop-Off Site

The City provides residents with a special waste drop-off site, at the back of the Public Works building. Use is limited to residents, who must present proof of residency (driver’s licence or municipal tax bill). Up to five drop-offs (excluding branches) are permitted each year per address.


  • Bulky waste: furniture, appliances, mattresses, carpets (rolled up and tide)
  • Construction, renovation and demolition waste (CRD): wood, plaster, paving stones, concrete, bricks, doors and windows
  • Electronic waste, batteries and lamps
  • Tires from lightweight vehicles without rims and rims without tires
  • Branches, logs, stumps and fire wood (October 1 to March 14)
  • Fallen leaves (from mid-October to mid-December only)
  • Earth and rocks (up to three cubic yards)
  • Plastic #6 (styrofoam)


  • Household garbage, recyclable items, large cardboard
  • Hazardous domestic waste (HDW)
  • Green residus
  • Branches, logs, stumps and fire wood (March 15 to September 30)

Special measure to limit spread of ash borer disease

To comply with the departmental order on ash borer disease, it is prohibited to bring potentially infested bulk material to the drop-off site such as heating wood, logs, branches and stumps and bursary materials, between March 15 and September 30.

After the five visits, the following charges apply:

  • Cars: $15 per drop-off
  • Light truck or van: $40 per drop-off
  • 'Pickups': $40 minimum (based on estimate)
  • Truck with dump box—less than 5 tons: $60 minimum (based on estimate)
  • Single axle trailer: $80 minimum (based on estimate)
  • Dual axle trailer: $100 minimum (based on estimate)

Place and Hours:
300, Beaurepaire

Mondays through Fridays: 7:15 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and 12:15 p.m. to 3 p.m.
Saturdays: 9:00 a.m. to noon (April through the end of November only)


Special Pickup

If you must discard items or materials not eligible for regular pickups or if you missed the free branch pickup, you can request a special pickup from Public Works at 514 428-4500.

An inspector will give you an estimate of the charge. There is a $100 minimum for bulky waste and CRD, and $60 minimum for branches. If you are not home when the inspector comes, s/he will leave the estimate in your mailbox. You must make your payment to City Hall before the pickup will occur.