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Home News Financial support for the construction of a new multipurpose cultural centre

Financial support for the construction of a new multipurpose cultural centre

Leisure and Culture April 30, 2024

Governments recognize the importance of the Imagine Centennial revitalization project for the community

The Mayor of Beaconsfield, Georges Bourelle, and the members of Municipal Council are pleased to announce the financial support granted by the provincial and federal governments for the first phase of the Imagine Centennial project, namely the construction of a new multipurpose cultural centre, after years of planning and citizen consultations that helped define the needs and establish a consensus among the population. 

Mr. Francis Scarpaleggia, MP for Lac-Saint-Louis, Ms. Karine Boivin Roy, MNA for Anjou-Louis-Riel, Mr. Georges Bourelle, Mayor of the City of BeaconsfieldDirector General Patrice Boileau, and the members of the Council, Roger Moss, Robert Mercuri, Georges Bourelle (mayor), Dominique Godin, and David Newell. Absent: Martin St-Jean and Peggy Alexopoulos The revitalization project will unite Centennial Park with the Centennial Marina property to create a single venue for leisure activities, culture, entertainment and large gatherings. 

"We are particularly proud to announce the launch of this important project for Beaconsfield, following a consensus among the population. Centennial Park and the Centennial Marina property will become an exceptional jewel in Beaconsfield for all residents to enjoy year-round," says Mayor Georges Bourelle. 

An initial grant of more than $3 million has been awarded by the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications under the programme Aide au développement des infrastructures culturelles, which is part of the federal programme Invest in Canada. The grant is for the construction of a new cultural centre, with an integrated library at its heart. This initiative marks the first steps in the overall revitalization of the site, while preserving its natural character and ensuring continued access and use for all members of the community. 

"The future cultural centre will become the hub of cultural, artistic and community activities for generations to come, while respecting taxpayers' ability to pay," says Mayor Bourelle. 

Work on the multipurpose cultural centre project began in January with an architectural competition, for which four finalists were selected from 32 applications for the second stage of the competition. The competition will define the harmonious integration of the cultural centre on the site, which will become one of the most beautiful public spaces on the island of Montreal.  

In addition to the new library with its reading and consultation areas, the new centre will provide study and meeting rooms in an architectural concept offering a splendid and exceptional view of majestic Lake Saint-Louis. There will also be community spaces for leisure activities and courses. By popular demand, a café-bistro will also be built to add to the enjoyment of the site. 

Ultimately, the park will retain all its splendour and offer a greater area for visitors and activities, extending right down to the water's edge. 

The marina, managed by a non-profit organization, will continue its activities for the benefit of boaters, while the sandy area along the water's edge will also be preserved to offer access to Lake Saint-Louis for kayakers, canoeists, windsurfers, and dinghies. 

In addition to the specific grant of $3.1 million awarded for the library integrated into the multipurpose cultural centre, other subsidy applications through federal and provincial government aid programmes are under way. 

A fundraising campaign is also being developed, as is a community support campaign. 

The total cost of the project, including the multipurpose centre and the redevelopment of the site as a whole, will be determined as the contracts are awarded, given that they will be the result of public calls for tender. 

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