Urban Planning By-Laws


In the Municipal By-Laws section, folder consult the regulations pertaining to Urban Planning .

Contact our urban planners and building inspectors to check if you need a permit before starting a construction or renovation project at 514 428-4430


Request for a fence, a shed, a pergola or to fell a tree: 

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 New construction or extension permit


All new construction and any planned extension of a primary building used is subject to analysis under the Site planning and architectural integration program. The application will be reviewed by the Planning Advisory Committee and submitted to the City Council for decision.

Do not hesitate to contact the Urban Planning and Municipal Patrol Department at 514 428-4430.Our staff will inform you of the applicable standards and regulations.

Authorization Certificate 

Here is a list of some of the projects that require a permit or authorization certificate. There may be fees and guarantee deposits involved in obtaining a permit or certificate.

List of work requiring an authorization from the City

  • Construction of a main or accessory building for any use.
  • Modification of a main or accessory building for any use.
  • Displacement of a main or accessory building for any use.

checkMarksRepairs and maintenance can be performed without a building permit. “Repair” and “maintenance” mean the substitution of materials that are virtually identical in size and nature, other than the removal or construction of walls, partitions, portions of walls or partitions, the removal or cutting of beams, joists and other retaining devices, the removal, relocation of blocking of stairways, exits or windows and any other change in materials.

  • Installation of a swimming pool
  • Installation of a spa
  • Construction of a platform around an aboveground pool
  •  Landscaping or other work in the buffer strip around a property
  •  Installation or alteration of a driveway and a parking area in the front yard
  •  Felling a tree - Online permit available!
  •  Excavation, backfill and removal of rubble
  •  Foundation work for a temporary construction, new construction or the expansion of an existing building
  •  Installation of mechanical equipment
  • Installation of an accessory building (greenhouse, detached garage)
  •  Construction of a retaining wall
  • Construction of a tennis court in a residential area
  •  Installation of a temporary building, other than construction trailer
  • Demolition of an accessory building
  • Partial demolition of a building
  • Installation of a septic system
  • Installation of a commercial terrace
  • An occasional or seasonal business
  • A film production
  • A garage sale
  • A block party
  • Transportation of a building on the public roadways
  • Replace a solid fuel appliance (fireplace, wood-burning stove)
  • Drilling and post-hole digging

Certificate of permission to post
Installation, construction, expansion, reconstruction, alteration, relocation, or design of a poster, advertisement, banner, sign or awning.

Certificate of approval for building demolition
Demolition of a main building.

Certificate of occupancy

  • For commercial use.
  • Operation of a family-style resource or a residence for independent seniors.

Subdivision Permit
Conducting a cadastral activity.


Landscape contractors operating in Beaconsfield

registration formA permit is required for each road vehicle carrying out landscaping works within the territory of the City of Beaconsfield. A road vehicle is defined as a vehicle used for landscaping purposes that pulls (or not) a trailer and its contents.
To obtain this permit, you must file a written request with the Urban Planning and Municipal Patrol Department. You must fill out a request containing the following information and documents:
    • The surname, given name, address, telephone number and email address of the owner of any road vehicle to be used by a landscape contractor in the territory of the City
    • The trade mark, model, year and copy of the registration certificate of any road vehicle to be used by the landscape contractor in the territory of the City
    • Proof of insurance for each road vehicle
    • If necessary, a copy of the declaration of registration of the landscape contractor, in the register of sole proprietorships, partnerships and legal persons
    • If the landscape contractor is a legal person, the address of its head office and a copy of the incorporation documents of the said legal person
    • Proof of public liability insurance
    • The payment of $75 in cash or by certified cheque for each road vehicle to be used by the landscape contractor on the territory of the City.
    • Stickers must be affixed on the upper left corner of the rear window of the road vehicle concerned and must be visible from the street. 

    Please refer to By-Law BEAC-093 Pertaining to Landscaping Contractors

    Should we notice contravention to this by-law, statement of offence will be issued immediately. Any infraction is liable to a maximum fine of $2,000. 

    Download Identification Form (PDF)

    Instruction Summary (PDF)


Zoning Map

Zoning Map (Last update: September 2023)

 Character Area Map (SPAIP By-Law BEAC-098) (Last update: June 2015)

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Map of zones where the usages of the class Lodging Services (c5) are permitted (last update: June 2023)

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