Road construction season will start this spring. These works will undoubtedly cause some temporary inconveniences. We urge all pedestrians, cyclists and motorists to take care when around or near a construction site. Work scheduled for 2019 can be summarized as follows:



New watermain, sanitary and storm sewers, road base and paving will be carried out on the following street:
  • Midland, from Beaconsfield Blvd to Church
In addition, new sanitary sewer is also planned for Elm, from Alton to Beacon Hill.

Rehabilitation Work

 Work consisting of inserting a liner inside the existing sanitary sewer will be carried out on the following streets or parts thereof:

  • Applewood, from Cadillac to 135 Applewood
  • Basswood, from Fieldfare to the dead end
  • Beaconsfield Blvd., from St-Charles to St-Edmund School
  • Beaconsfield Blvd., from Fieldsend to 1 East Gables Court
  • Bisley, from Bexhill to Creswell
  • Bruton, from 204 to 212 Bruton
  • Chantilly, from Regent to Meadowbrook
  • Concord, from 412 to 420 Concord
  • East Gables Court: from 6 to 12 East Gables Court and from 18 to 22 East Gables Court
  • Elm, in front of 141 Elm
  • Elm, near Amherst
  • Fairway, from Elm to Markham
  • Hyde Park, from Beaconsfield Blvd. to 66 Hyde Park
  • Jacques-Prou
  • Madsen, from Beaconsfield Blvd. to 22 Madsen
  • Mayfair, from Grosvenor to 281 Mayfair
  • Markham, from Markham Place to 275 Markham
  • Meadowbrook, from Winston to Chantilly
  • Park, from Evergreen to 160 Park 
  • Servitude between Creswell and Bisley
  • St-Charles Blvd., from Beaconsfield Blvd. to Prairie (south side)
  • St-Charles Blvd., from Prairie (north side) to Elm
  • St-Charles Blvd., from Beacon Hill to 234 St-Charles
  • St-Lawrence, from Fieldfare to St-Louis
  • Westcroft: from 218 to 228 Westcroft, from 246 to 254 Westcroft and from 322 to 328 Westcroft
  • Westcroft, from 247 to 257 Westcroft


Street Repaving

An additional coat of asphalt will be laid on top of the existing pavement on the following streets:
  • Allancroft, from Elm to Sherbrooke
  • Beaurepaire, from Regent to Meadowbrook
  • East Gables Court
  • Gables Court
  • Hampshire Crescent
  • Lakeview, from Church to Maplebrook
  • Legault Place
  • Madsen, from Beaconsfield Blvd. to Beaurepaire
  • Montrose, from Elm to Windermere, from Fletchers to Coronet and from Sherbrooke to Windermere
  • Rockhill Crescent
  • Sweetbriar, from Claude to the dead end
  • Sweetbriar, from Willowbrook to Charleswood


New sidewalks are slated to be built this year on the following streets or parts thereof:
  • Elm, from the Sunrise Building to Woodland
  • Westcroft, from Elm to Sherbrooke

Click here to view the map (PDF). Work will begin mid-May.

For more information, please call the Public Works Technical Support at 514 428-4500.